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The puppies have just arrived!

On 1.06.2018 10 puppies were born: 6 females and 4 males. The happy parents are: our Nuka (Sylvaen Charcoal Sunset) and USA imported, based in the Netherlands – Koda (Hawthorne Katiyana)

We place great emphasis on the health and socialization of the dogs,
that’s why the parents of the litter were thoroughly checked for health,
and the little ones will be provided appropriate socialization for their age.
Before they can join other homes, they will be acquainted and exposed to most stimuli they can later come across in the cities and in the countryside,
such as the bustle of the city, the close presence of all the different vehicles, going in a car, with other animals, people, at the beach, by the lake, or in the forest, etc.
The puppies may leave us once they are 8 weeks old and hold the following:

  • Passport with information on any age-relevant worming and vaccination
  • Certificates of pedigree and registration of the dog issued by the Tamaskan Dog Register, USA
  • The results of genetic testing from MyDogDNA
  • Confirmation of origin from the Neogen GeneSeek laboratory
  • A copy of the results of their parents’ tests
  • A sale contract
  • Pictures from their photo session
  • A layette containing food, a blanket, a collar and leash, etc.
  • Our lifelong support and help in any “dog-related” matters 🙂

The dog, after we receive the data of its future owners, will also be registered in the database of Safe Animals based on its microchip.


Sylvaen Charcoal Sunset

  • Registration TDR00728G1/2016
- HD -A
- ED -0/0
- Eyes - Clear(2018)
- DM Clear by parentage
- MDR1 Clear

MyDoGDNA - Clear for all

Hawthorne Katiyana

  • Registration TDR0532G1/2014
- HD -BVA 8
- ED -BVA 0:0
- Eyes - Clear(2018)
- DM Clear by parentage

MyDoGDNA - Carrier of VWD

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